Company Profile

                                Founded in 1953, our company Shanghai Power Civil Construction Company is a state-owned construction enterprise to act as the general contractor subordinated by Power Construction Corporation of China (one of Top 500 enterprises worldwide).We are well known as the constructor in such fields as power plant, large substation, large LNG storage tank, Chimney & cooling tower, large gantry crane erection, heavy steel structure with large span, building decoration, etc.,holding the corresponding qualified certificates of the following:

                                ★ Grade 1 General Contracting of Housing Building Works

                                ★ Grade 1 Specialty Contracting of Steel Works

                                ★ Grade 1 Specialty Contracting of High Rising Structure Works

                                In line with the Concept of One Step Ahead, Keep Striving for Excellence, the company steadily promotes the technology and management, Honored with Golden Awards for China Premier Building Works, Silver Awards for China Premier Building Works,Luban Awards for Building Construction, China Science Technology Achievement Awards, Golden Medal of Overseas Project Awards, Construction Method Awards in State and Municipality Level, etc. At present, we have 1000 enrolled employees totally, of which, 293 administrators holding professional titles, and 68 registered associate constructors.

                                We always keep the Motto of Stick to Promise, Strive for Excellence, Realize Win-Win.

                                SPCCC ------Glad to provide the excellent services to our clients


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