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                      International Projects

                      Accompanying the successfully diversified exploration of domestic engineering field, our strategy of overseas development priority is being actively promoted.

                      For this purpose, we have contracted the various projects in the different countries, such as Singapore Tuas Power Plant, Vietnam Sang Dong Power Plant, Laos Hongsa 3*626MW Coal-fired Power Plant; Venezuela chimney project, gantry crane installation works located in Vietnam, England, Egypt, Phillipines, Brazil.

                      Through the construction on these projects, we have been highly evaluated by foreign parties involved regarding our thoughtful and efficient project management as well as our professional staff.

                      Power Plant Projects

                      We are well deserved to be the forerunner in the field of China Power Plant Construction. A variety of ‘First’ are created through our efforts in China power plant development history, for instance, the first 125MW power plant, the first 300MW power plant, the first 600MW supercritical unit power plant, and the first 900MW imported type supercritical unit power plant. Nowadays, we are the leading civil works construction company for domestic power plant with above 1000MW unit.

                      As ceaselessly developing, we expedite the business transformation and try to make the breakthrough. Based on the increasingly outstanding capacity of specialist, we also actively extend to the more wider fields such as EPC works.

                      Chimney & Cooling Tower Projects

                      Over 60 years, the company has built more than 80 stacks and cooling towers in various types. Besides, we also have made innovations and built a host of unique-shaped landmark architectures.

                      We have been devoting to enhancing the construction technology and workmanship in the practice of this field. It undergoes the numerous technical improvements, for instance, from manually-turnover formwork, sliding formwork to electric-turnover formwork, and from fire brick flue type to hydraulic cluster-type titanium-clad steel flue. Moreover, through our technical research and innovation, some advanced technologies are applied to the large cooling tower construction, such as herringbone column type cast-in-situ movable steel formwork system, lattice column truss of alternative scaffolding, and SDDM-1 electric climbing formwork, which we hold as our intellectual property right.

                      On the strength of technical innovation and research, we have been leading the construction of this field both in the technology and project management. It makes us awarded repeatedly by the state and industry association for the excellent stack & cooling tower works.

                      LNG Storage Tank Project

                      Actively responding to the world energy development trend, we devotes to the research and innovation of clean energy construction technology. Collaborating with Sofregaz Co., France, we contracted the first 1x20,000m3 LNG tank domestically in 1998.

                      In recent years, we have successfully built more than 10 LNG tanks with capacity ranging from 20,000m3 to 200,000m3, as the introduction and skillfully use of such advanced technologies as DOKA formwork system, etc. It makes us well known as one of a few enterprises fully mastering the large LNG tank construction technology.

                      Substation Projects

                      We have contracted more than 20 substations (inverters) ranging from 220kV-800kV for years. In addition to the construction of the EHV DC Transmission Works, we contract the EHV AC Transmission Works and Underground representing the top level of HV transmission worldwide, and underground substation project.

                      Obedience to the fine management concept , we are the only one awarded with Premier Quality Works Award among the nationwide power grid industry, for ±800kV Fengxian inverter station works, and with 2012 Comprehensive Management Award of Transmission and Transformation Works, due to the construction of Tongli inverter station works. The technical thesis titled on ±800kV EHV DC Transmission Technology R&D and Application is awarded Science and Technology Progress Award of China State Grid. These achievements makes us the pilot of EHV DC / AC Transmission and Transformation Works among the China State Grid.

                      House Construction and Building Decoration Works

                      Our professional work team focuses on engineering, constructing and serving in this field. Especially, we show our unique in the power building decoration. We have steadily served various reputable enterprises for years, including State Grid Corporation of China, China Power Investment Corporation, China Academy of Sciences, East China Grid Company Limited, and Shanghai Gas, etc. On the strength of the superb techniques and first-class service, we have evoked the general approval from the clients.

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