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    FengXian Gas-turbine Unit 6 Successfully Complete 168 hour Test-run

    On November 19, 2015, FengXian gas-turbine Unit 6 successfully complete 168 test-run with full-load, the general manager of Mr. Ge Jianguo from CHINA HUADIAN CORPORATION, the general manager of Mr. Luo Jiacong from Shanghai Power Electrical Construction Co., Ltd, the deputy party secretary Mr. Zhou Yong from our company participate in the owner ceremony at site. In the ceremony, the owner. CHINA HUADIAN CORPORATION, speak highly of our company’s work and express their gratitude for our company staffs.

    From we undertake the civil work of FengXian gas-turbine power plant in the beginning of 2014, our management team is facing challenging progress arrangement, small work space, the owner material’s delay supply difficulties, we make a careful planning and preparation for safety, quality, progress and other work, moreover, our management team keeps hard-working spirit and hand over the work to erection company, at last we ensure 2 units 168 hour test-run in time.