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              Company honor


              ★ China National Luban Prize for Wujing power plant project phase VIII

              ★ Golden Steel Award for Baoshan Industry Park Administrative building project

              ★ Golden Steel Award for Caojing Power House project

              ★ Golden Steel Award for Lingang Gas-fired power plant

              ★ Golden Steel Award for Wangting power house of power plant project

              ★ Magnolia Award for Haiguang Building Project

              ★ Shanghai Disaster Tolerance Center Project for China Grid Information System Magnolia Award

              ★ Shanghai government Prize for 240m steel struction chimney design and construction Progress in Science and Technology

              ★ Shanghai government Prize for Progress in Science and Technology

              ★ Shanghai Lingang Turbine Power Plant phase 1 Project for Shanghai Shenergy Group

              ★ State Grid Outstanding Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 800KV Ultra High Voltage DC Transmission Lines Project


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